Market Intelligence & Analysis

Winnova has partnered with private and public sector organisations to gather and analyse market intelligence. We have supported accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration and market development strategies for organisations from the healthcare to the pharmaceutical sector. Our unparalleled network and rigorous approach has ensured that organisations are armed with the most accurate and reflective market information.
This in-depth approach supports organisational strategy at multiple stages.
·       Product Pre-launch
·       Corporate
·       New Product/Service Development
·       Tactical Marketing
·       PR
The purpose of incorporating market intelligence into the business intelligence process is to provide decision makers with a more “comprehensive picture” of ongoing performance in a set of given market conditions. This “true” picture can only be complete by reaching the core market stakeholders.

Methodology includes: Primary and Secondary Research

·      Desk Research – to identify gaps in existing services offerings
·      Interviews – one-to-one
·      Focus groups/Insight meetings
·      Surveys – web-based/paper-based
·      Data Analysis – assessing information, gap analysis – we adopt both qualitative and quantitative research models in order to collate and analyse the information keeping a focus on the research objectives.
·      Strategic Insight/Reporting – finding potential gaps.
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