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Winnova Enterprise Limited is an internationally operating guide marketing for medical and pharmaceutical components and services. We represent companies from all over the world, who distinguish themselves by innovative products and services. Our customer base is companies in Europe and Asian, mainly in the area of medical and pharmaceutical industry, but also companies producing industrial applications.

Winnova is also a UK healthcare consultancy which leading solutions provider committed to providing unique and innovative solutions delivering exceptional results. We build a unique business platform and network to offer a broad range of initiatives, using our expert problem solving skills, to enable clients to maximise their opportunities. We consider each project individually so that the right solution is developed in order to meet our clients’ needs and exceed expectations.

Our Services

  • The European Authorized Representative

    According to the European directives a European Authorized Representative has to be designated by a manufacturer of…

    Market Intelligence & Analysis

    Winnova has partnered with private and public sector organisations to gather and analyse market intelligence. We have supported …

    Business Engagement

    Winnova core strength lies in helping healthcare organisations to fully understand the market area targeted in order to…

  • Business Investment

    Winnova has also partnered with private Investment Company to build up the potential start-ups investment platform; we help you…

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